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You can help your loved one stay connected and beat the boredom inside by purchasing the JP4 player. With the JP4, inmates can download and listen to music in the comfort of their living units, play games, and even read and draft emails! You can also send JPay Credits, which your loved one can use to buy songs to download to their JP4.

JP4 Player

A Tailor-Made Mini-Tablet

One of JPay’s most popular products, the corrections-approved JP4 is a state of the art touch screen mini-tablet with 8GB of memory. It ships preloaded with several apps, including a music player, an email application, an FM tuner, and two puzzle games. At just $49.99, the JP4 is an affordable way to support your loved ones at participating facilities.

How It Works

The JP4 is a portable device that works in conjunction with the JPay kiosk. JP4s plug into the JPay kiosks installed in common spaces at the correctional facilities, where the inmate can preview, purchase and download music tracks from a library of more than 10 million titles, including hits from many of today's most popular artists. No other music service in corrections offers as many tracks for download as JPay’s. Drafts of emails composed on the JP4 are also uploaded when the device is synced with the kiosk.

JPay Credits

When you send your loved one JPay Credits, they can use those credits to purchase songs to download to their JP4 mini-tablets, or JPay Stamps to send emails. JPay Credits are different from funds deposited to a commissary or spendable account; they are not subject to automatic deductions, and they can only be used to buy JPay products.

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